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HaySmart – Your slow-feeding solution

Canadian hay nets for slow feedingAt HaySmart, our goal is to assist owners in finding a more natural way to feed their animals. We would like to see horses and ruminant animals have access to hay at all times to achieve their optimal health.

Made from knot-less nylon mesh. Hand sewn in Canada by Canadian workers. Each hay net is carefully inspected before shipping. Remember, no dye, no metal, less waste, that’s Smart!

We sell our Canadian-made slow feeding hay nets in Almonte, Kanata, Ottawa, Gatineau and many more communities across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, as well as much further afield. We’ve shipped our hay nets across the country and to several US states.

Not sure if we can ship to you? Just give us a call or send us an email!

Canadian Hay Nets

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Canadian, eco-friendly, the smart choice

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