Extreme Cold

So we have the first extreme cold weather of the winter here in the Ottawa Valley.  A great time to keep your horses and ponies warm by having access to hay over a longer period of time by having them munch away out of a haynet.  Some horses don’t drink enough at this time of year and impaction colic becomes a real concern.  A heated bucket or water trough is a must. Soaking hay in the  haynet is only possible if the hay doesn’t freeze.  My barn is not warm enough to allow soaking the hay at this time of year.  An increase in the amount of hay in the haynet will help keep your horse warm as their bodies work to digest their hay.

Winter Arrives!!

Well, that was a quick change!  Goodbye pasture!  Haynets provide a great way to extend feeding times, keeping the gut happy.  The horses will still eat the same amount, just over a longer period of time.  Similar to grazing.  It also saves on waste, therefore money!  My older mare never drinks enough at this time of year, so I soak her hay in warm water and then hang it overnight in a warm stall so it doesn’t freeze.

Fall Feeding

As we head into fall, horses that have been on pasture all year are starting to switch over to hay.  There has been so much drought in Ontario and our eastern provinces, that we are all going to be watching how much waste we have.  Using a slow feeding haynet minimizes waste and keeps the horses munching happily.  I have had clients tell me that large bales, not in a net, can be destroyed in 2 days with an incredible amount of waste.  That same farmer told me that in a net, he can go 4, 5 or 6 days without having to replace the bale.  The nets soon pay for themselves!!  HaySmart nets are UV resistant!!  I have used mine for over 3 years and no holes!

Great testimonial!!

Kristina Weber wrote:

Love your nets!   We have 8 of them, used outside, all day/night throughout late fall/winter/early spring (refilled 2x a day, obviously) and not a single hole in them.  We’ve had some of them for 3 years now.  No hay waste and it keeps them munching all day and night long.  Also very helpful in keeping the weight down for our two EMS horses, while still allowing them to eat continuously.  No issues keeping weight on our two OTTB’s either.  I like that they work for both our easy keepers and our Thoroughbreds!  We tie them low in various places around the paddock and it keeps them moving from one to the next, instead of standing all day with their head stuffed in a round bale 🙂

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to everyone.. We live in the most amazing country!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  It has been very dry in my area and I am soaking the hay in the haynets to ensure that my girls are staying hydrated.  Remember that there is no dye, so no potential of dye leaching into their feed.

A gentleman came up to me at one of my shows.  He had read that white netting was either bleached or dyed white.  I can guarantee that this is not true.  I feed my horses from these nets too and would never compromise their health either.  I welcome questions so please feel free to get in touch.


Summer Soltice Sale

From Monday June 20 to Saturday June 25 there is a special offer for online orders only! Order $200 of products, before shipping and tax  and I will automatically add a  free Trailer net 1 1/2 inch mesh ( $30 dollar value).  Or, order $300 of products, before shipping and tax, and I will automatically include a free Standard net 1 1/2 inch mesh ($35 dollar value). No need to add the free net to your order, I will just add it in!!  Happy Summer Soltice!

Great Time at the Can Am

I want to thank everyone for dropping by.  It was great to hear all the good feedback from happy customers!!  I would like to address a couple of questions that people had.  My nets are UV resistant and dye and bleach free!!  I wouldn’t feed my horses or your horses out of anything else!  I really enjoy answering questions and helping people, so please get in touch if I can help in any way.  It was another successful show for HaySmart, and I want to thank all of my old and new customers!

Canadian, eco-friendly, the smart choice

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