Winter Swings

Here in Eastern Ontario, we’ve been experiencing crazy weather with extreme temperature swings. Maintaining a consistent feeding program is important to help our horses stay consistent in their gut health. Add some extra hay to their nets in the coldest weather. This will help keep them warm as they digest their hay, but remember to back off a bit when the weather swings to the warm side again.

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There is a big change in the weather in the Ottawa Valley. We set a record low temperature on Sept. 1. Still wildfires burning out of control in many of our provinces. Even with all the different weather patterns, we all know what’s coming next.
Horses that have been on pasture are now switching back to haynets. Now is a great time to wash your nets, to help promote longevity. To clean your nets, no special soaps are necessary. HaySmart haynets are tough and durable. Just rinse well.

Summer Feeding

Summer brings another challenge. Some horses and ponies can’t be allowed on grass, so we are still feeding with haynets. I suggest hanging nets in multiple places to keep the horses moving. Personally, I find that my mare doesn’t drink enough in the summer, so I soak her hay. Just another way to get moisture into her. I never leave that wet hay hanging for very long. I sure don’t want it to start fermenting! Your HaySmart haynet is no problem for soaking. It will not damage your net.

Can Am Markham Fairgrounds

HaySmart will be at the Can Am this weekend, March 31, April 1 and 2. It’s held at the Markham Fairgrounds just outside of Stouffville, east of Toronto. It’s 3 fun days, with lots of vendors, free lectures and demonstrations! We are just inside building number 2, in the same location as previous years! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Upcoming Events

It’s an exciting spring ahead! HaySmart will be returning to the Can Am in Markham, Ontario from March 31, April 1 and April 2. This will be our 4th year!! Look for us at the same location in Building 2, just inside the door! Looking forward to hearing all the great reports from happy clients and seeing old friends!

Then HaySmart will be heading to the Mane Event in London, Ontario at the Western Fairgrounds on May 12, 13 and 14. This is the first year for the Mane Event to come to this location and I wanted to be there!

If there is anything in particular that anyone would like me to bring to either of these shows, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

Extreme Cold

So we have the first extreme cold weather of the winter here in the Ottawa Valley.  A great time to keep your horses and ponies warm by having access to hay over a longer period of time by having them munch away out of a haynet.  Some horses don’t drink enough at this time of year and impaction colic becomes a real concern.  A heated bucket or water trough is a must. Soaking hay in the  haynet is only possible if the hay doesn’t freeze.  My barn is not warm enough to allow soaking the hay at this time of year.  An increase in the amount of hay in the haynet will help keep your horse warm as their bodies work to digest their hay.

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