FAQs about Haysmart Hay Nets

Why Don’t We Use Dyes?

Hay nets that are dye-freeWe proudly produce nets that have no synthetic dyes. Dye could be harmful to your animals’ health. If you soak your hay in a normally dyed net, some of the dye may leach into your animals hay and be ingested. No dye means better health.

We are an environmentally conscious company. When nets are dyed, more water is absorbed which in turn leads to them freezing more readily.  Additionally, our nets are naturally UV protected so they can also stand up to the harsh sun.

Why Don’t We Use Metal?

Hay nets made without metalMany hay nets have metal parts on them. Unfortunately, metal can become very cold which can make it uncomfortable for horses to touch with their lips.

Metal is also harmful to your animals if chewed or swallowed. We have found that if there is metal at the bottom of a hay net, horses will avoid eating from the bottom, which causes them to eat from higher up in the bag, resulting in an unnatural grazing posture.

How Are HaySmart Nets More Efficient?

Ottawa slow feeding hay netsHaySmart nets help to ensure that your animals will eat a much larger percentage of the hay, which means much less wasted hay lying on the ground.

Canadian, eco-friendly, the smart choice

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