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HaySmart was created after our owner, JoAnne Judd, realized that there was a better way to care for her horses. She studied the literature on slow feeding, spoke with veterinarians and Olympians, then created her unique and safe hay net. When local interest increased, she started HaySmart, an eco-friendly Canadian company that has the superior health of your animal in mind. This product is amazing, as it works equally well for horses that need to eat a lot as it does for the easy-keeper.

Large Round and Square Bale Nets

Yay!  I can now again accept orders for large round or square bale nets!  It’s been a very busy fall season and I’ve had the pleasure of stitching nets for many new and returning customers.  I so enjoy talking to everyone and helping them.  Remember, I also do custom orders!  Just a heads up.  If you are ordering from western Canada, please give  me  a call.  Interestingly enough, the nets measure differently.  I want to make sure you get the net you need!